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valerieI create bodies of work with significance, intensity, love, and the energy of the universe. Each piece explodes with passion and unleashes a path that has not yet presented itself.

I began painting while helping my daughter, Greta, who was born with developmental delays, express herself through the arts. While most children her age were walking and talking, she was not, but she expressed herself through music and painting. One night while gazing at the Colorado sky, an image presented itself to me: It felt prophetic, empowering, guiding… The next day Guidance was created. This vision opened me up to that energy that allows me to create pieces that prove to be equally prophetic, empowering, and guiding. Several pieces flowered from the seed of that inspirational vision, forming my first collection, “Gallery 11.” To behold Guidance and the other pieces it inspired in the first wave, view the “Gallery 11” collection (under the Collection tab).

The energy of the universe continues to inspire, empower, and guide my hand over canvas, with prophetic meaning. The latest collection of manifestations represents change, letting go, acceptance: Impermanence.